Green energy

As asset managers, we deal with renewable energies and are convinced that there is no longer a conflict between economic and environmental interests. Thanks to competitive power generation costs, the transformation to a green energy supply is now decisively being driven forward by the growing commitment shown by institutional investors. 


The wind is blowing. The sun is shining.

As a leading investment advisor, we concentrate exclusively on investments in wind and solar parks. With a clear focus on institutional investors, we have built up a broadly diversified European portfolio with an investment volume of almost 2 billion euros. Together with these investors, we are making a significant contribution to the energy transition and climate neutrality. 


Wind and solar parks for portfolio diversification

Renewable energies correlate only little with traditional investments such as equities, bonds and real estate. While the capital markets are volatile, sun and wind are always reliable. It is thanks to this reliability and the manageable complexity of the technologies that solar and wind parks generate stable and, most importantly, predictable income and cash flows. In the event of electricity price inflation, this effectively protects the plants against losses in real assets. And it does so in two ways, as the sun and the wind are constantly available free of charge.

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