Basic information

Share capitalEUR 131,498,147.00
Number of shares131,498,147
Share classBearer share
WKN609 500
ISINDE 0006095003
Stock exchange initialCAP
Market segmentPrime Standard
IndicesSDAX, Haspax, PPVX, Solar Energy Stock Index
Designated SponsorODDO Seydler Bank AG, HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG

Payment agent

DZ Bank

Share price

Shareholder structure

Dividend payments

Since 2013, Encavis AG has given shareholders the option of choosing between receiving a cash dividend or a scrip dividend, for maximum flexibility.

Dividend trend

Dividend strategy

The Management Board of Encavis AG wants shareholders to participate appropriately in the economic success of the company and strives to offer a high degree of transparency and planning security.

The Encavis AG dividend shall be further increased in the coming years, with the result that each unit share with a dividend entitlement will attract a dividend in five years’ time that is – relative to the base year 2016 - 50% higher (2021: €0.30).