Solar Parks

As Germany's largest independent listed solar park operator, Encavis AG is actively contributing to the supply of the safe and clean energy of the future. Our solar parks offer highly predictable power yields while the focus on regions with high sun radiation and the regional differentiation of our solar parks are particularly advantageous. 

A solar park is one of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective methods of generating electricity. It releases no climate-harmful CO2 emissions . As a result, the use of photovoltaic has a positive effect on the environment and helps to curb global warming.

Solar park portfolio

Our solar parks are located in Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Spain and the Netherlands. 

Solar Park

  • Grid Connection: 2012
  • Nominal Capacity: 12.60 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 5,100 t/y

Solar Park

  • Grid Connection: 2011
  • Nominal Capacity: 12.65 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 5,100 t/y

Solar Park

  • Grid Connection: 2012
  • Nominal Capacity: 14.02 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 5,800 t/y

Solar Park
Asperg VI

  • Grid Connection: 2008
  • Nominal Capacity: 14.75 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 5,600 t/y

Solar Park

  • Grid Connection: 2010
  • Nominal Capacity: 18.65 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 7,500 t/y

Solar Park

  • Grid Connection: 2009
  • Nominal Capacity: 1.34 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 600 t/y