• Full availability and high performance
    Comprehensive technical management and operation services performed by our experienced employees.
  • Modern fault and maintenance management
    We use drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras
  • Nonstop-monitoring
    24/7 data acquisition, monitoring, and analysis of the plants at our control centre

Technical Services

The Encavis Technical Services GmbH specialises in the technical management and operation of solar parks. 

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About us - Encavis Technical Services

Encavis Technical Services GmbH has specialised in the technical management and operation of solar parks since 2009. Our goal is to ensure the full availability and output of our managed solar parks as well as the associated inverters.

To do this, we employ an experienced team of engineers, project managers and electrical engineers as well as an outstanding and highly-qualified international network of partners to guarantee the best client-oriented service possible. We operate independently of module manufacturers and project developers and are obligated to act solely in the interest of the park operator.

Our services include the areas of scheduled maintenance, monitoring, fault management and performance analysis. We are responsible for the technical management of a large number of solar parks operated by Encavis AG. Other clients include Google Germany and the municipal utilities of Düsseldorf and Mainz, for example.

As Encavis Technical Services GmbH, we are part of Encavis AG, which was established in 2017 as a result of the merger of Capital Stage AG and CHORUS Clean Energy AG.

Service spectrum of technical management and operation

Monitoring, performance analyses & reporting

With the help of continuous and detailed monitoring at our control centre, all plant data is collected 24/7 and evaluated by our specialists. Plant performance is monitored on an ongoing basis in order to identify possible faults or deteriorations before they become a problem.. At the same time, we notify our clients regularly about the technical availability and performance of their plants as well as about any maintenance work or interference removals carried out.

Fault management

In many cases, our own specially developed early warning system detects a fault before the integrated monitoring systems supplied by the manufacturer indicate a malfunctioning. As a result, we can recognize possible impairments as quickly as possible and immediately take the necessary steps to rectify them.

At the same time, we analyse every fault to assess the possibility of preventing similar faults from occurring in the future.


Our trained and experienced technical experts perform regular inspections and carry out scheduled maintenance as specified by the manufacturer to keep the plants and plant components running smoothly and to ensure high availability. As part of these services, we deploy efficient and modern methods such as using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras.


Encavis Technical Services GmbH
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Michael Kubicek
Managing Director Encavis Technical Services

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