Wind parks

Wind as a source of energy is available free of charge and in unlimited quantities. In recent years, the use of wind energy has - along with photovoltaics – evolved to one of the key technologies of renewable energy.

Encavis AG concentrates on particularly profitable locations with a regional distribution of wind energy plants across Europe. 

A wind park harnesses the power of the wind to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This process releases no climate-harmful CO2 emissions. As such, wind energy has a positive effect on the environment and helps to curb global warming.

Wind park portfolio

The 80 wind parks operated by Encavis AG are located in eight European countries and have a total generating capacity of more than 840 MW.

Wind Park

  • Grid Connection: 2011
  • Nominal Capacity: 7.50 MW
  • CO₂ Savings: 11,000 T