Our sustainable business strategy plays a key role in our corporate strategy

By operating wind farms and solar parks, we make a major contribution to a more sustainable future.

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What we care about most

Our economic environment

Our economic environment is designed to grow sustainably and have a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases.

Our ecological environment

In accordance with our business model, we want to play our part in protecting nature and the environment. We’re committed to combatting the climate crisis by producing green electricity and promoting biodiversity.


As a dynamic, forward-looking company, we know we need a strong team if we want to make a meaningful contribution to the renewables revolution. But as well as looking inwards to our own team, we also believe it’s vital to look outwards and make a positive contribution to society.

Good corporate management

We rely on efficient corporate structures and clearly assigned responsibilities – based on the principles of good corporate management. We’re guided by internationally recognised ethical, social and ecological principles.

Environment at Encavis

Climate neutral by 2040

Our Transition Plan shows how we intend to completely eliminate our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030. This primarily includes emissions from our company vehicles and the electricity consumption required to operate our solar and wind parks. We also do not want to leave our Scope 3 emissions out of the equation. Among other things, we plan to reduce our Scope 3 emissions intensity along the supply chain of our wind and solar parks to 95% by 2040.

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Encavis Corporate Carbon Footprint

Effective climate protection begins with the recording of emissions generated within the company. In order to understand the areas in which we can reduce our emissions, following the preparation of our first carbon footprint - Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) 2020 - we have now also prepared the CCF for 2021 in accordance with the recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). This includes all direct and indirect emissions in Scopes 1 to 3 and provides precise information on the emissions caused throughout the Group.

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Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity is an increasingly important topic and also plays a significant role for us. Our solar parks are located on soils that are in part heavily damaged by previous use. For example, many soils are original agricultural areas that have been heavily compacted and overfertilized by years of monocultures. By operating solar parks, these areas have the opportunity to recover and regenerate. Through our biodiversity strategy, we will review and encourage this progress by reviewing our parks every 2 years and adjusting management accordingly if necessary.

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Science Based targets

Confirmation of our climate targets

At Encavis, we recognize the urgent need to address climate change and are committed to take ambitious action. Our science-based target, approved by the independent Science Based Targets initiative, demonstrates our dedication to building a sustainable economy by doing what is necessary, not just what is easy. We are committed to reducing our direct and indirect emissions by at least 42% by 2030 and aim to reach "Net Zero" status by 2040 by reducing Scope 1+2+3 emissions by 95%. To achieve this, we are working with suppliers and partners along our value chain to identify and address emissions hotspots, replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives, increase the use of recycled materials, and promote the use of low-emission transportation.

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Our sustainability work is verifiably good


We’re currently rated A on the MSCI-ESG scale.


We’re currently rated B+ on the ISS-ESG scale and have ‘Prime’ status.


Our current Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating score is 20.6.

S&P Global CSA Score

We scored 37 (out of 100) in the 2023 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA Score as of 25/09/2023)

Our core business plays a major role towards meeting the United Nation’s SDG 7 and SDG 13

SDG 7: Affordable, clean energy

We produce green electricity and thus play an important role in creating a future where everyone can access affordable, clean energy.

SDG 13: Climate action

We reduce carbon emissions by generating green electricity. Our core business is a major step forwards towards reaching this goal.

SDG 3: Good health and well-being

We’re committed to our employees and to their good health and well-being.

SDG 4: Professional development

We support our employees in their professional development.

SDG 8: Dignified work and economic growth

We take responsibility and protect human rights – along the entire supply chain.

SDG 13: Life on earth

Our commitment to the renewables revolution underscores our commitment to biological diversity.

SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve our goals

We’re involved in a wide range of initiatives and associations that seek to promote a common understanding of sustainability.


Our business model is ecologically and financially sustainable, generating profitable growth.

Dr. Christoph Husmann

Spokesman of the Management Board, CFO 


We provide a strong contribution to sustainability. This applies in particular to environmental and climate protection - the DNA of our core business.

Tanja Van den Wouwer

Head of Sustainability & Communications

Reports and guidelines for ESG analysts and investors

We’re committed to transparent communication – because we want analysts, investors and other stakeholders to be able to analyse and compare our services.

Our sustainability work is heavily dependent on stakeholder dialogue


Our colleagues have high expectations of our sustainability work. At the same time, they play a key role in this work.

Suppliers and service providers

This category includes project developers, suppliers, banks, insurance companies and companies that provide operational services or maintenance work.

Analysts and creditors

The focus here is on shareholders, analysts, creditors and ESG rating agencies.

Asset management customers

We work with institutional investors who have a strong focus on sustainability.

Society & public offices

On the one hand, this group includes local authorities and residents who live close to our solar parks and wind farms. On the other hand, it includes politicians, political associations and the media.

Get in touch

You’d like to share something with us? Or perhaps you still have open questions about out sustainability strategy? Ask away!

Tanja Van den Wouwer

Head of Sustainabaility & Communications

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