• Committed to our environment
    Our wind and solar parks produce 3.4 TWh of green electricity per year.


Sustainability and responsible action are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We attach just as much importance to compliance with essential standards focusing on the environment, social matters and corporate governance as to the economic success and further development of our Group.

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Committed to the environment

  • Sustainability as a business model

    We acquire and operate wind and solar parks throughout Europe to generate electricity from renewable energies.

  • Green electricity for hundred thousands

    Our wind and solar parks produce 3.4 TWh of green electricity per year for hundred thousands of households.

  • More energy, less carbon

    Compared to conventionally produced electricity we save over 900,000 tons of climate-damaging carbon dioxide per year.

  • Reducing the carbon footprint together

    We support our employees by subsidising the use of bicycles and local public transport and replace air travel with digital meetings wherever possible.

  • Environmental management of our plants

    We deploy sheep as “greenkeepers” for the area surrounding our plants and refrain from using fertilisers and pesticides. Birds and insects enjoy the healthy soil in our parks, which increases biodiversity.

  • Environmental management in the office

    We exclusively use recycled office materials and climate-friendly sanitary products in our offices.

Committed to the community

  • Regional and social projects

    The projects supported by us include a homeless charity in Hamburg and a children’s hospice near Munich.

  • Further education and coaching

    We offer our employees a variety of training possibilities fostering their professional and personal development.

  • Empowering our executives

    Our comprehensive development programme provides individualised support for our managers and executives.

  • Health and exercise

    We care for our employees’ health and enjoy doing sports together, e.g. at the “B2 Run” event. Our constantly growing racing bike team has been provided with stylish outfits.

  • Preventive advice for all

    Our free Employee Assistance Programme gives our employees individualised advice on all health, job-related and personal issues.

Committed for responsibility

  • ESG-standards as a benchmark

    We guarantee that the ESG standards rank equal to criteria such as return, growth and profitability.

  • Compliance at all levels

    We constantly encourage our employees to comply with rules, regulations, laws and social codes to achieve the best possible culture of compliance.

  • A constant eye on all our stakeholders

    When taking decisions, we give equal weight to the needs and requirements of all our stakeholders – from shareholders to employees to suppliers.


Our environmental, social and governance performance has been rated by ISS ESG and MSCI ESG, two world's leading ESG research and rating agencies, and received the ISS ESG Prime Label and MSCI Rating A.




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