At Encavis, we believe that entrepreneurial behaviour is also closely linked to an awareness of social responsibility. Therefore, we are actively involved – out of conviction and in our own interests.

Carbon Footprint 2020

By generating electricity through renewable energy, we are per se providing a positive environmental contribution to our planet. However, true to the motto "Doing the right things right", there is always a bit more that can be done.

That's why, together with the DFGE - Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economics - we have calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), which complies with the methodological standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). This includes Scope 1- and Scope 2-emissions as well as the up- and downstream emissions of our value chain (Scope 3) and allows us to measure, evaluate and improve all emissions related to our company in a target-oriented way. 


>> Encavis CCF Report 2020

Sheep grazing in solar parks

Sustainability in conjunction with energy does not always involve the use of technology – as demonstrated by the deployment of sheep as “greenkeepers” around solar parks.

This sheep grazing in harmony with nature is highly efficient and extremely valuable. The shepherds benefit because they do not lose access to grazing areas as a result of photovoltaic parks. The sheep can use the solar modules as providers of shade and protection against the wind. They can also use the supporting structure as a safe retreat for their lambs. Thanks to the regular sheep grazing, the modules do not become overshadowed by rampant growth and are not exposed to dust contamination or damage due to stone chipping that can arise with mechanical mowing. What is more, regular checks by the shepherds help reduce the risk of theft. From a conservation viewpoint, this dual use of the land offers great advantages. Extensive grazing has positive effects on biodiversity and leads to an increase in the variety of species. This is because sheep act as a means of transport for other species of fauna and flora.

“Jobrad” for mobile employees

As part of our mobility concept, we give all employees the opportunity to lease a “job bike”. The bicycle may be customised and is much cheaper for our employees than a direct purchase thanks to the Encavis subsidy. The bicycle is insured and includes one free inspection per year. Our employees are free to use their bicycles whenever and wherever they want – for their way to work, for private trips, on holiday or for sports. This way, they not only avoid the annoying rush hour traffic but also make an active contribution to environmental protection, traffic optimisation and their own health.

To motivate employees to use public transport, Encavis also covers a large part of the monthly costs.

Sustainable office life

We attach great importance to protecting our natural resources. This is why we act as sustainably as possible also in our offices and exclusively use recycled office materials and climate-friendly sanitary products. What is more, we make a point of not using any detergents and cleaning agents that contain microplastics and environmentally harmful surfactants. As a producer of renewable energies, we also use green electricity in our offices.