Encavis AG attaches great importance to the issue of compliance, i.e. the observance of rules - legal provisions as well as internal company guidelines.

Compliance violations can have a major impact on the reputation and economic success of Encavis AG. In order to prevent these significant damages, the Executive Board of Encavis AG has developed a compliance management system that protects the interests of all involved parties.

Compliance is essential for our governing bodies, managers and employees. They help to strengthen the confidence of business partners, shareholders and the capital market at Encavis AG.

Compliance Management controls various measures for defined compliance topics based on ISO 37301. It is the central point of contact for all compliance issues.

Anonymous Whistleblowing System

Encavis AG and its subsidiaries are committed to the principles of good, legally compliant, responsible and sustainable corporate governance.

The anonymous whistleblowing system of Encavis AG ( channel) enables you to inform us of violations of legal provisions and/or compliance regulations and, hence, to help pursue and uncover such violations.

You may use Encavis AG’s anonymous whistleblowing system to provide information on issues such as:

  • corruption, fraud, bribe
  • theft, embezzlement, misappropriation
  • violation of antitrust laws

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Code of Conduct

The Encavis AG Code of Conduct builds on the values practiced every day at Encavis and includes all the standards and fundamental values that guide us. The Code serves as a clear and binding guideline for the companies' management as well as for all employees.

>> Code of Conduct

The Business Partner Code of Conduct is the basis for business relations between Encavis AG and its business partners. It includes the recognition of general international agreements and standards. Furthermore, the respect of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as the compliance with fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are considered as prerequisites for a cooperation with Encavis.

>> Business Partner Code of Conduct

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Encavis AG implemented an onboarding of business partners. Business partners are carefully selected and screened with regard to corruption and fraud risks, among other things.

The identification of business partners can be checked on the basis of money laundering requirements. Depending on the business field, the requirements for the process can be different.

The goal is to avoid financial damage and reputational risks.

Reporting of indications or violations

Encavis AG is grateful for any information on potential violations. In addition to the whistleblower system, which ensures anonymous reporting, direct contact with Compliance Management is available for reporting indications or violations.

Every indication is treated confidentially and followed up seriously. If compliance violations are identified, Encavis AG works to clarify the matter and, in addition to reviewing the processes, ensures continuous optimisation of the internal compliance management system.


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