Corporate Social Responsibility

At Encavis, we are well aware of our social responsibility and want to make an active contribution to a better social and ecological environment. We do this in a number of different ways.



Remuneration of all employees consists of a fixed and a variable component.
The fixed component comprise the annual salary. The variable component is performance-related (annual bonus).

Human Capital Development

Being a dynamic and future-orientated company, Encavis offers its employees an interesting work environment in the renewable energy sector. The personal and professional development of its employees as well as their satisfaction is a top priority at Encavis. Our strategy in Human Capital Development is based on three components: Talent Recruitment, Talent Development and Talent Retention.

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Partnership with Sopowerful

Within the scope of a long-term cooperation, Encavis significantly supports the non-profit aid organization 'Sopowerful' as a partner. The financial resources are used to build and implement small solar projects in Southeast Africa, where the electrification rate in rural areas is only 5%. With such a young organization, Encavis can immediately see the impact of the funds used and develop new ideas together with Sopowerful.

Laptop donation to Labdoo

Encavis refurbished 30 discarded but still fully functional laptops and donated them to needy students in cooperation with Labdoo. Labdoo is a non-profit organization that equips donated laptops with suitable school programs and distributes them to schools in Germany and abroad. With the help of these devices, students are guaranteed the possibility of a smooth homeschooling. 

Personal advice from the Fürstenberg Institute

Thanks to the cooperation between Encavis and the Fürstenberg Institute, all employees may, at any time, seek advice on professional, family, health or other personal issues – unbureaucratically and in line with their personal requirements. In addition, the Fürstenberg Institute arranges childcare facilities and provides assistance in the care for relatives in need of help. These services are free and anonymous for all Encavis employees.

Committed to customised development opportunities

From language courses and tailor-made seminars to individual training – we are committed to offering our employees customised opportunities for their personal development. Superiors and their employees jointly discuss the possible measures to effectively address the development needs of each individual.

In Leadership and Personal Development Programmes, we offer various modules for executives and employees which give them the opportunity to not only develop themselves but also to learn how to master tomorrow’s challenges and to actively shape the future of the Encavis Group together. Our personal HR development offerings are rounded off by team development sessions and team events.