Let your rooftops earn you money!

Are you a property investor with available roof space? You just struck gold!


Once rooftop solar power systems become mandatory, you’ll be laughing!

It couldn’t be easier. We rent your rooftop and take care of our core competency: installing and operating PV systems and marketing the electricity they generate. We liaise closely with your facility management team on all matters regarding your rooftop space and invoicing with the tenants.

Prepare to be impressed by our holistic energy management system!

Lower electricity costs

Your electricity costs will be reduced from day one, and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of fluctuations and developments on the energy markets. Instead, you’ll be contributing to the European renewables revolution and future-proofing your company!

Individual consultation

We don’t dole out generic solutions. Instead, we talk to you in detail about the specific challenges your company faces and develop the best possible solution for your unique situation. We explore ways to optimise your energy flow, check whether battery storage options make sense, and see whether your premises are suitable for installing PV systems.

All-inclusive packages

Our packages are all-inclusive and cover the entire process from the first analysis of potential options through to installation by our tried and trusted partner companies. We coordinate all the work – which means if you have any questions or problems, we’re always your port of call.

Experienced partner

You’ll be working with one of Europe's foremost IPPs, which means you benefit from the extensive experience and competency we’ve gained over more than a decade in constructing, operating and marketing renewable energy plants.

Rooftop solar power for your property? How it works


Contact us

Contact us and tell us about your company and local conditions. It helps if you have your current electricity contracts to hand along with records of your load profile and detailed information about your rooftop spaces.


Indicative planning

We develop an indicative plan based on your records to give you a clear idea of how much the project is likely to cost. Our plans will always take your overall situation into account and include clear recommendations for the different components that make most sense in your individual case.


On-site appointment

Once you’re happy with the general strategy, we develop it in more detail and liaise closely with you to optimise the plan. This step of the process includes on-site appointments where we log all the important parameters.



Once you’ve approved the detailed plan, we get down to business. We install our energy management, power generation and battery storage systems – and catapult you into the future of energy!

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Jan-Phillip Kock

Investment Strategy Manager