Our solar parks harvest the power of the sun – an emissions-free source of energy.


Our portfolio comprises more than 200 solar parks and thus actively helps to safeguard a green energy supply over the long-term. Today, solar parks bring good returns at virtually all locations across Europe.



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Generating electricity with the power of the sun

The sun’s energy comes in the form of heat and light which can be converted into various forms, the most common being electricity. Photovoltaic cells convert the energy. Over the last few decades, the sun has become the fastest-growing source of renewable energy around the world. Prices for PV systems have fallen significantly in recent years, making solar power the best value energy source in the world – and demand has risen steadily at the same time. Solar energy is definitely on a winning streak!

our solar parks

operational excellence

Our mission: making sure solar parks operate smoothly

The day-to-day running and maintenance work in our solar parks is overseen by colleagues in our Operations team. They make sure the systems operate smoothly throughout their entire life cycle. Our team’s mission is to maximise the availability of the solar plants, and identify and optimise potential for improvement. As a result of their work, we’re able to maximise the performance of our plants.


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Wind energy

People have been harvesting the power of the wind – an emissions-free source of energy – for thousands of years. Wind is another vast, dependable, emission-free source of energy. By harvesting its power, our wind farms pave the way for a future that’s free of carbon dioxide.

We are Encavis 

Encavis, an MDAX-listed company that trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is an IPP that generates electricity from renewable energy sources. As a leading independent electricity producer, we acquire and operate solar parks and wind farms across Europe. Our parks and farms help to safeguard a reliable supply of clean energy.

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