Become your own green power plant 

structured and tailor-made


Make a self-sufficient start into a renewable future.

Everything is already here: your expertise on site, our many years of experience - and of course the sun. You receive an energy system that immediately becomes an competitive advantage. Sustainable, cost-efficient and future-proof. A complete solution with storage and consumption optimisation: planning, financing, construction and optimised operation from a single source. And if you additionally need green electricity we will be happy to supply you with green electricity from our PV- and wind farms.

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Three pillars to optimise your green power management  

Pillar 1 

On-site PV-plant

Obtain genuine solar power directly on your premises. With a rooftop or ground-mounted system. The goal in both cases is the same: we want to maximise your consumption so that you save as many costs as possible. The decisive factor here is the high-quality components of our long-standing partners.

Pillar 2

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Generating green electricity is a good start, but we are going further. With battery storage systems and clever energy management software, we distribute your loads and therefore reduce your consumption peaks. We call this "demand-side management". For you, this means a system that is always designed to realise the greatest possible cost savings.

Pillar three

Up to 100% green

With our customised on-site solution, you can green part of your electricity requirements. That's smart. But it can be even smarter: why not switch your entire electricity consumption to green? With 100% renewable electricity from our portfolio.

Holistic. How to manage 

Reducing your electricity costs

Your electricity costs will be reduced from day one, and you’ll no longer be at the mercy of fluctuations and developments on the energy markets. Instead, you’ll be contributing to the European renewables revolution and future-proofing your company!


One thing is certain: green electricity is one of your keys to fulfilment of the ESG criteria. With renewable energies, you reduce your CO2 emissions and help protect the climate. At the same time, you are promoting social aspects: New new jobs are created in the industry and we distribute the energy supply more widely.

Putting your investment project into action

We’ll help you put your investment project into action by handling the financing, negotiating the relevant contracts and making sure the new system operates smoothly – at no extra cost!

Individual consultation

Because you don't need an off-the-shelf solution, but one that meets your company-specific challenges. That's why we look at where we can optimise your energy flows and integrate battery storage. Plus, we check the potential for PV ground-mounted systems and wind turbines.

All-inclusive packages

We simply don't offer anything else: from analysing possibilities to construction and operational management. To do this, we involve suitable long-term partner companies and and take over the coordination for you - so you always have a single point of contact for your concerns.

Experienced partner

Your decision. You can work with one of the leading independent energy producers in Europe. And you already benefit from our extensive wealth of experience from over a decade in the construction, operation and marketing of wind and solar parks.

Your sustainable 
energy management
is only five 
steps away.

Tell us about yourself

Contact us and tell us about your company and local conditions. It helps if you have your current electricity contracts to hand, plus details about your load profile in recent years.

First project vision

We develop an indicative plan based on your records to give you a clear idea of how much the project is likely to cost. Our plans will always take your overall situation into account and include clear recommendations for the different components that make most sense in your individual case.

Detailed planning & authorisations

If our proposal convinces you, we will deepen the planning. In close dialogue with you, we adapt our concept, arrange on-site appointments and define the financial parameters together.

Signing a PPA

As soon as the overall concept is finalised and the approvals are within reach, we will define the framework for your electricity from the new plants. In this contract, we fix your long-term costs. And if you wish, you can also use additional electricity from our portfolio.

Implementation and operation

Are we in agreement? Then let's get started. We install the generation systems and storage systems and set up our energy management system - and you can start safely into your renewable future.

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Maximilian Langer is your man!

Maximilian Langer

Head of Energy Portfolio Management

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We are Encavis

Encavis, an MDAX-listed company that trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is an IPP that generates electricity from renewable energy sources. As a leading independent electricity producer, we acquire and operate solar parks and wind farms across Europe. Our parks and farms help to safeguard a reliable supply of clean energy.                                 

We take responsibility for sustainability

Our core business – generating energy from renewable sources – lays the groundwork for a flourishing future. So does our sustainable business approach.

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