Wind energy


Our onshore wind farms harness the power of the wind – an emissions-free source of energy



In recent years, the technology that harvests the power of the wind has become key in the renewables revolution. As a renewables powerhouse, we operate more than a hundred wind farms across Europe and offer our customers additional, innovative solutions for their energy needs. 



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Wind farms


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with the power of wind

Generating electricity from wind power

Our wind farms harvest the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into electrical energy. The wind rotates the rotor blades of the wind turbines, and the rotor blades transfer the rotational energy to a generator. This is located in the machine room behind the rotor blades. Wind turbines are generally installed in areas where wind conditions are strong yet consistent. The rotor blades are designed to harvest the maximum amount of energy from any wind speed. In doing so, they do not emit any greenhouse gases or pollute the environment. Wind power thus helps to protect our planet and prevent global warming.


The views from the top of a wind turbine are quite simply stunning!

Alongside planning and overseeing the business side of our wind farms, we also take care of the operational side. We take our duties as operator very seriously, which is why we conduct regular inspections of our wind farms and their infrastructures. In doing so, we attach particular importance to EHS (Environment, Health and Safety). And once we’ve completed our inspections, we always take a moment to enjoy the amazing views from the machine room at the top of the wind turbine!


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Solar Energy

The sun is a vast, dependable, emission-free source of energy. Day after day, its rays are converted by our photovoltaic systems into green electricity.     

We are Encavis

Encavis, an MDAX-listed company that trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is an IPP that generates electricity from renewable energy sources. As a leading independent electricity producer, we acquire and operate solar parks and wind farms across Europe. Our parks and farms help to safeguard a reliable supply of clean energy.

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