Impact investing

The demand for renewable energy is rising, and it’s a lucrative business –
for investors, too!

Creating a green future for future generations takes courage. And it also takes money.

You can help us drive the renewables revolution in a variety of different ways.

As a shareholder

We attach top priority to the demands of our shareholders and international financial markets.

As a funds investor

Our Asset Management team is full of seasoned experts. They’ve been managing green funds since 2006. From asset sourcing to fund solutions to reporting – all under one roof.

As a creditor

The experts in our Project Finance and Corporate Finance teams bring extensive experience to the table from their previous work for leading international banks. They have all the answers to your questions about outside financing.


The way forward when it comes to generating a reliable supply of green electricity

The market for renewable energy is currently one of the world’s biggest growth markets. On a global scale, the growth rate for renewable energy plants often hits double figures. From the start, our niche in this dynamic market has been investing in and operating solar parks and wind farms. Both of these technologies are widely regarded as the way forward when it comes to generating a reliable supply of green electricity. Thanks to modern battery storage technology, power plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources will increasingly replace conventional power stations.

Good reasons for green capital


Around the world, strict government regulations on reducing carbon emissions are increasingly ousting conventional forms of power generation. But at the same time, modules are becoming more affordable and more efficient, making renewable energy more competitive than it used to be. Thanks to new technology such as battery storage, we can now store the electricity we generate from renewable sources. Since it no longer has to be sold immediately, there is more control over the selling price. The superior technology of battery storage options constitutes a decisive breakthrough for renewable energy.

Special expertise and extensive experience

When we started out in 2006, the market was still in its infancy. Today we can look back over many impressive successes. Over the years, we’ve established an excellent team of experts. Thanks to our in-house technical service unit, we can access technological support at any time. Our expertise in renewable energy investments is highly sought after, which is why we have an Asset Management business division to support and advise even institutional investors. We work on the basis of a one-off fee for each successful acquisition, plus recurring charges for ongoing management.

Stable, predictable yields

For each of our plants we negotiate PPAs or state-guaranteed contracts for feeding electricity into the grid. As a result, our solar parks and wind farms deliver stable, predictable returns that aren’t rattled by economic trends, but offer attractive rates of interest on the capital we invest. We operate our parks and farms on a long-term basis. In many cases, we oversee both the operational (technical) and business aspects.

A conservative investment strategy

We acquire solar parks and wind farms in all phases of life – under construction, newly constructed or already in operation. We don’t take project planning risks. Nor do we manufacture solar modules or the like. We want our parks to operate for many years to come, which is why we always seek a stable environment for our investments. We assess stability criteria in different ways. These differences are reflected in the rates of return we expect for our investments, which can also vary from country to country.


The icing on the cake: besides generating stable, predictable returns and attractive profits, our solar parks and wind farms also play an active role in creating a clean and reliable energy supply for the years to come. For more information, please see our sustainability report.

We drive the renewables revolution!

To this end, we develop lasting answers to visible and less obvious societal challenges.


By investing in Encavis shares, you’re not only investing in a better future, but also in a profitable company with a clear vision and a dynamic yet sustainable growth strategy.

Jörg Peters 

Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations 

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Institutionelle Mandate

In addition to investment opportunities in fund structures, we also design tailor-made investment solutions.

Karsten Mieth

Spokesman of the Management Board Encavis Asset Management AG

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Project Finance

Project financing requires close coordination between all the parties involved so that we can distribute risk fairly and develop the best possible financial structure for the project.

Kai Koplin

Head of Project Finance 

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Corporate finance

Our impressive credit risk profile emerged unscathed from the macroeconomic crises and challenges of recent years, making our parent company an appealing option for investors and creditors.

Jan Alexander Wieck

Head of Corporate Finance & Treasury

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We’re committed to transparency

Factbook of Encavis AG

Annual Report 2022 of Encavis AG

Sustainability Report 2022 of Encavis AG 

Company presentation of Encavis Asset Management AG 

In excellent company

These financial institutions share our vision for a green future and provide capital to help drive the renewables revolution.

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We are Encavis

 Encavis, an MDAX-listed company that trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is an IPP that generates electricity from renewable energy sources. As a leading independent electricity producer, we acquire and operate solar parks and wind farms across Europe. Our parks and farms help to safeguard a reliable supply of clean energy.                                    

We take responsibility for sustainability

Our core business – generating energy from renewable sources – lays the groundwork for a flourishing future. So does our sustainable business approach.

Stay informed

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