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Moving forward


to a greener future

When it comes to the future of our planet, we’re optimists. Handling our planet’s resources mindfully, now and in the future, is a deliberate choice we can make. If we do so, our society and economy will continue to flourish. Here at Encavis we lay the groundwork for this to happen. ...So far, so good. But how? Simple – by investing throughout Europe in renewable energy. Because that’s the winning solution! We transform sunshine and wind into the energy we need for a green future.


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Yes we can!

Green electricity solutions

Have you set yourself sustainability goals? Perhaps you’re aiming to achieve carbon neutrality. Together we can make it happen!

Green capital

You’d like to drive the renewables revolution? Would you like to invest your capital where it makes a meaningful, long-term difference? We’re delighted to hear it!


Are you looking to sell a wind farm or solar park? Or do you have land that could be used as a solar park or a wind farm? Excellent – that’s just the sort of partnership we’re looking for!

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Green electricity is our raison d’être

Opportunities are lost if you don’t take them. That’s exactly why we founded Encavis. And within the space of just five years, our company has become a serious force to be reckoned with – an MDAX-listed company, no less. Thanks to our understanding of what people want and our intuition for successful partnerships, we’ve got everything it takes to grasp this historic opportunity and actively shape the renewables revolution.

Team overview

Join the Encavis team!

Have you recently graduated and are now looking for a meaningful position where you can put your theory into practice? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned professional looking for a new challenge? Excellent! We love to hear from motivated applicants who are willing to take responsibility and help us shape the future.

The latest news in brief

Publication of the 2021 corporate carbon footprint

In 2021 we reduced our emissions by 15% to 474,907 tons of CO2e. In addition to the significant decrease in commuter trips - also due to COVID-19 - and less acquisitions of renewable energy plants, implemeted savings measures had a positive impact on our carbon footprint. These include in particular the increased purchase of renewable energy for the operation of our wind and solar parks.

Inauguration of our solar park M01A (12.6 MWp) in Ringkøbing, Denmark

Together with business partners, residents and part of the Encavis team, we celebrated the opening of the M01A solar park on April 27. In addition to an exchange about the project over food and drinks, informative tours of the site took place. This first commissioning is an important milestone in our collaboration with GreenGo Energy Group.

Acquisition of two construction-ready solar parks (93 MWp) in Italy

With a generation capacity of 55 MWp (Montalto di Castro solar park) and 38 MWp (Montefiascone solar park), our total generation capacity in Italy rises to around 260 MWp, bringing us one step closer to our ambitious growth program of acquiring 600 MW of generation capacity this year.