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Sun and wind supply green power

Environmental protection and biodiversity are very important for our future. On this page we would like to take you into the world of renewable energies.

How is electricity generated from sun and wind?

Solar power

Solar energy is an amazing source of energy that comes directly from the sun. To generate electricity from the sun, we need something that can convert sunlight into electricity. This is called solar cells. When the sun shines, the sunlight falls on the solar cells and the cells convert the light into electricity. This electricity can then be used to switch on lamps or televisions, for example. It's that simple!

Wind power

Wind power comes from the energy that the wind carries. Wind turbines stand in nature and turn when the wind blows. When the wind turbines rotate, they generate energy that is converted into electricity. The electricity then flows through cables and is transported to our homes and schools where we can use it to turn on our devices and lights. By the way, electricity from the sun and wind is called renewable because sunlight and wind are always being re-created. So we can produce clean energy from nature and protect our planet.

Incredible what can be found in the solar park.

Solar modules

Solar modules are made up of many small solar cells made of a special material, silicon, that can convert sunlight into electrical energy. When the sun's rays hit the solar cells, electrons are set in motion and an electrical voltage is created. This voltage is then collected and sent in a cable to the electricity storage unit or directly to the electricity grid. Good to know: When electricity is generated from sunlight, it is called photovoltaics.


The solar parks are always enclosed and unfertilised areas, which is why many different flowers, herbs and grasses grow there. The plants are very important because they are food for animals, offer shelter and are also used as building material for nests.


Only the people who regularly control the facilities visit the parks. This means that mammals, insects and birds can live undisturbed. Among other things, you will find sheep, bees, stonechats, skylarks and so many species more in a solar park. The number of different animal and plant species is called biodiversity.


Elli and Phil discover the solar park

What is it like to live in a solar park? The bees Elli and Phil are new to the solar park and meet the sheep, Friso, on their first trip. Friso explains to them how a solar park works. In the process, they learn about many animals and plants that also live there. This Pixi Wissen teaches children how electricity is generated in a solar park. With short factual texts, information boxes and numerous pictures, this topic is brought to the point and explained in an understandable way for children of pre-school and primary school age.

Desire to do handicrafts?

Origami windmill

For your wind turbine at home.

Owls from pine cones

Here you can make owls from natural materials.

Cress in an egg carton

Become a home gardener!

Now it's your turn! Colouring pictures­ for free download

Friso the sheep

Discover the wonderful world of Friso and his friends! Download now and get your pens ready!

Elli the bee

Here you can colour in Elli

Leo the sand lizard

Here you can colour in Leo


Solar energy and biodiversity - simply well explained!

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Elli & Phil

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