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We offer institutional investors tailor-made solutions for sustainable investments.

We believe it’s possible for economic and ecological interests to go hand in hand.



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Specialist investment consultants for sustainable investments

Each new mandate begins with a comprehensive analysis. What are the expectations in terms of profit, duration and risk management? What are the regulatory requirements? And what opportunities does the market present for portfolio development? We listen carefully to what our clients want. Then we work hand in hand with them to develop their ideal investment structure – from single mandates through to funds solutions. Throughout the entire operational phase of an investment, we optimise and control the portfolio to make sure it remains profitable, meets risk assessment requirements and complies with guidelines set by the supervisory bodies. Our team includes dedicated experts for each of these aspects. As a result, each investor receives reports, assessments and operational recommendations that are tailored to their individual requirements.

Our services for institutional investors

Asset Sourcing

Our industry network approaches us regularly with offers to engage on different projects. We subject each offer to a rigorous, multi-level examination to evaluate the relevant economic, technical and legal aspects. Thanks to this procedure, we’re able to offer our investors a steady supply of European solar parks and wind farms.

Regulatory criteria

Compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. MaRisk, the Solvency II Directive or the German Act on the Supervision of Insurance Companies) is non-debatable for virtually all our institutional investors. We translate these needs into calls to action and generate regulatory reports for all our funds – reports that meet customer requirements as well as those of the relevant supervisory bodies. Inspection bodies and associations regularly commend our work in this regard.

Operative management

Operative management is a wide field involving numerous tasks. For example, we constantly control returns and costs. We also take care of warranty and insurance management and enter into cooperative ventures with partner companies, networks, landowners and local authorities. Last but not least, we coordinate the companies that provide technical services. Each of these services is vital if a renewable energy plant is to generate stable returns over the long term.

Portfolio strategy

Our portfolio managers have extensive experience in the field of renewable energy. Besides furnishing institutional investors with the regulatory/business reports they need, our portfolio managers also deliver a wide range of individually tailored services to our clients. This expertise, coupled with transparent company processes and effective risk management, enables us to create and successfully manage a high-quality, long-term portfolio of solar parks and wind farms.


Luxembourg’s Renewable Energy Funds (AIF) are subject to strictest European regulatory standards and thus offer comprehensive service with maximum peace of mind. We can adapt to your existing structure or create a suitable new structure – whichever is best.

Green taxonomy

When we offer investment advice, we don’t ignore the subject of possible adverse sustainability impacts. The scope of our observations and the specific indicators on which they are based depend largely on the wishes of the respective client. A solar park or wind farm is only added to a portfolio once the relevant ESG criteria have been assessed in line with the client’s wishes.


We value the wide diversification of the EIF II portfolio in terms of power generation methods, countries and locations. We also value the solution-oriented mentality of the Encavis team.

Herbert Schädler

Senior Director – Alternative Investments, BayernLB


As a planet-friendly energy and environmental services provider, expanding our capacities for renewable power generation forms an essential part of our work. Our collaboration with Encavis AM reinforces our role as a catalyst for the renewables revolution.

Matthias Welss

Leiter Controlling & Finanzwesen


Over the years, we’ve collaborated with Encavis Asset Management on numerous solar park and wind farm projects. Throughout, the company has shown itself to be a competent partner.

Isabella Pütz

Head of Projects Sales EMEA

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Head of Relationship & Business Development

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