An espresso with Encavis - Hall 5, booth 112

We have green energy that adapts to your needs

All-inclusive solutions for companies that use lots of electricity

We develop green electricity procurement strategies for companies and industrial clients across Europe, and partner with them as they implement our solutions.

Tailored PPAs for green electricity

We offer a range of contract options that allow you to integrate green electricity seamlessly and reliably into your procurement strategy. Leaving you free to focus on your core expertise.

Would you like to get an overview?

Our company presentation provides you with the most important information.

Career Day is taking place on 22 February

and we are part of it. At our stand, there will be a cool promotion, small prizes and all the information you need about dual study programmes, starting a job and more.

Sustainably produced in Europe

Solar energy

The sun is a vast, dependable, emission-free source of energy. Day after day, its rays are converted by our photovoltaic systems into green electricity.

Wind energy

People have been harvesting the power of the wind – an emissions-free source of energy – for thousands of years. Wind is another vast, dependable, emission-free source of energy. By harvesting its power, our wind farms pave the way for a future that’s free of carbon dioxide.

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