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This year, for the first time, we are reporting on our sustainability work in two sister publications. Both reports are available as PDF downloads at the bottom of this page.


Be the voice, not the echo

We have always been committed to a sustainable energy supply. With our business model and the associated growth, we make an active contribution to climate protection and positive economic development.

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Sustainability strategy and goals

We have identified twelve significant sustainability issues within our four key areas of economy, environment, social responsibility and governance, and defined ambitious targets for them.

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Ambitious striving for sustainable growth

Our economic environment is designed to grow sustainably and have a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases. From a strategic point of view, the aspects of growth, developing new business areas, operational excellence and asset management are especially relevant. Our aim is to rely on proven processes and focus on digitization in order to safeguard the quality of our operational performance, to grow and to make the energy transition possible.

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Key facts at
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Contribution to the energy transition

Our business helps drive the energy transition! The constant supply of green energy from wind and solar is our contribution to sustainable development and climate protection.

Acquisition of new clients for the Asset Management segment

Renewable energy systems offer lucrative and predictable returns as well as stable cash flows, which are largely guaranteed by the government or secured by electricity buyers with good credit ratings. Long maturities and the low correlation to other asset classes or economic fluctuations make these investments ideal for pension funds and insurance companies that invest long-term and need to diversify large portfolios.

Operational Excellence

Guided by the mantra ‘plan – implement – evaluate – correct’, we continually work on our operational performance. We believe that both the quality of operational management and the expansion of digitalisation are crucial for our business.

Development of new business areas

We’re driven by innovation, and developing new sustainable business areas is a central component in this respect. We are aware of our positive contribution to climate and environment as a purchaser and operator of onshore wind farms and solar parks, and we want to continuously expand and


‘We are familiar with our projects very early on, can see the timeline and work together with our customers to optimise the energy marketing.’

Quirin Busse

Investment Director, Encavis AG


‘With our expertise, we were able to leverage very lucrative power plant investments and implement them for our investors even in these challenging times.’

Karsten Mieth

Spokesman of the Management board of Encavis Asset Management AG


‘We have optimised our spare parts and maintenance strategy, secured the appropriate components and contingents early on.’

Christian Schede

Director Operations, Encavis AG


‘The data management platform ‘Asset Ocean’ connects the software landscape in the renewable energies segment and increases management efficiency and transparency.’

Bastian Vennemann

Head of Digital & Data, Encavis AG


More than climate protection

In accordance with our business model, we want to play our part in protecting nature and the environment. We’re committed to combatting the climate crisis by producing green electricity and promoting biodiversity. This includes scrutinising our own business activities and making them more sustainable, as well as making our existing and future wind farms and solar parks more environmentally friendly.

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Key facts at a glance

Contribution to combatting the climate crisis

By operating our wind and solar parks, we are taking action against the advancing climate change by significantly reducing carbon emissions during power generation compared to conventional power generation.


We firmly believe that photovoltaic ground-mounted systems, in particular, are ideally suited to creating and preserving valuable habitats for local flora and fauna. These areas thus benefit climate protection as well as nature and species conservation.

Environmental compatibility of existing wind farms and solar parks

The core concern of our business is investing in renewable energies and enabling investments in them. When acquiring renewable energy plants, we limit ourselves exclusively to onshore wind turbines and ground-mounted solar plants in Europe. These are mostly ready-to-build or finished facilities. Site selection, environmental, social and building code reviews, and compliance with requirements are mostly handled by project partners prior to acquisition by Encavis.


The development of our employees is particularly important to us

As a dynamic, forward-looking company, we know we need a strong team if we want to make a meaningful contribution to the energy transition. The personal development and satisfaction of our employees are therefore a top priority. In order to constantly improve these points, we pay particular attention to the compatibility of family and work, promote team spirit even outside of working hours, and do everything we can to strengthen both your strengths and ours.

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Social responsibility 
Key facts at a glance

Employee satisfaction

As a dynamic, forward-looking company, we know we need a strong team if we want to make a meaningful contribution to the energy transition. The personal development and satisfaction of our employees are therefore a top priority.

Employee competence

As a dynamic and forward-looking company, the development of our employees is particularly important to us. A high level of competence and a willingness to put in effort characterise our staff, who we continuously support through a range of educational programmes.

Social commitment

We deeply care about the people in local communities and that they are accepting of the construction of our plants. Generating energy from wind and solar sources has many benefits, but potential and actual negative impacts must also be considered and minimised.


Sustainable success depends on responsibility

Good corporate governance creates a safe corporate environment. Last year, our focus in the area of governance was on professionalising the compliance management system, including training measures, and on our responsibility for the supply chain. With this in mind, our Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCC) was established in 2022 as a non-negotiable part of our onboarding process for new business partners and ensures compliance with our sustainable values along the entire supply chain.

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Key facts at a glance

Corporate management

As we continue to professionalise and develop our compliance management system, we are developing an increasing understanding of the risks we need to address. In the area of governance, top-priority issues are human rights, occupational health and safety and company-based/market-based risks.

Responsibility in the supply chain

We have identified various potential risks along our supply chain that we want to minimise or, where possible, avoid altogether. To do so, we create synergies with our partners and impose sustainability goals on our entire value chain – from project planning and plant construction right through to sale, demolition and renaturation of the plants.